D-002  A remarkable off-set portrait.  You
just keep wanting to scoot her over to the
right.  Well, whatever the artist lacked in
posting skills, he certainly made up for in
technical skills.  The lighting is superb and
the image is absolutely radiant.

Very three-dimensional and clean, just the
tiniest hint of tarnish around the perimeters
of the mat opening.

Her hair is fixed in a mid 1850's style and
her carved cameo broach stands out as an
element on its on for this image.  My eyes
are first drawn to her nervously biting her
lower lip and then out to the carefully coifed
hair and then down the neckline to the
broach.  A pleasing triangular composition
despite the lack of centering.  Perhaps that
makes it all the more intriguing.

Ninth plate dag presented in a whole
thermoplastic case.  The case has nibbles at
the corners and edges and has been broken
across the bottom of the cover and glued
back together.  Still a pleasing presentation.
 the dag itself has been sealed in P-90
archival tape, but not by me.

circabellum 2006