D-003  Early portrait of a young boy.  
Appealing sixth plate daguerreotype
of a young boy in school uniform
circa 1842-43.  

His piercing blue eyes are the first
thing you see when you open the
worn lightly embossed paper and
leather case.  Then, you are drawn to
his hands tightly gripping the arms of
the child's chair the artist has seated
him in.  Probably because the chair is
perched on a table or platform and
he's afraid he'll fall.  Might account
for the open mouth...

The image itself has some very light
wipes to it and a bend to the bottom
left corner that may be original in the
making.  The old glass has scratches
on it, the most prominent one
apparent across the little guy's right
shoulder, but it's not on the plate.  It
is presented in a paper mat and a
whole, but split hinged case.  At some
point it was re-sealed with P-90
archival tape.

circa bellum 2006