How did a collection of Egyptian amulets wind up in a
small town in Arkansas?
The more I looked at the two bags of amulets the more intrigued I was with them.  How did they
come to be in Jacksonville, Arkansas?  The dealer told me an amazing story of a wonderful couple
who had retired here some years back.  When the husband had died and the wife decided to go
into an assisted living facility, she had the estate dispersed by the antique dealer in whose shop I
now stood.

She went on to relate how he had worked
making documentary films, mostly for the airline
industry and how his work took them around
the world.  Which gave them great opportunities
to collect wonderful pieces of art from literally
every corner of the globe.  Many of these pieces
wound up being consigned to galleries in
New York during the dispersal.  In the words of
my dealer friend, "It was the most fabulous estate
I've ever been privileged to handle."

"Any way to prove they were ever in Egypt?"  I asked.

"I've got a picture of him in front of the pyramids," she replied to my surprise.   After digging
around for a bit, she turned up several photos that had been part of the estate having to do with
his work and travels.

I bought the collection and brought them
home to catalog and research.  Some of the
pieces turned out to be quite nice, others
somewhat run of the mill.  Regardless, I think
you will find something here for every col-
lector's taste.

Over the past few days I've received a lot of
questions regarding these auctions.  I'm be-
ginning to feel that some of you may want to
know the same things.

Q.  Will you accept international bids?
A.  Yes, I would be pleased for you to bid on
my items, but we need to make certain you
understand that payment must be made in
U.S. Dollars and/or payable on a U.S.
Bank.  I can't handle foreign currency or checks.
Also, shipping may be a bit more and some
countries don't allow for insurance so it would
be at your own risk in those cases.

Q.  Will you combine winnings for saving cost on
A.  Yes, absolutely, shipping of multiple items
would be at the appropriate rate, not x times
the listed shipping cost.    In most cases, it will cost
the same to ship one item as it will ten.

Q.  Why are your opening bids so low?
A.  I feel that starting at a low opening bid with no
reserves generates true interest in the auctions and
encourages bidders who wouldn't normally get in
the bidding.  I've done this for years.  And, while I
sometimes sell an item I purchased for more than $100,
for only a dollar or so, it all evens out in the end.
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