T-005  Rare Stable Frock Image

Union cavalry soldiers wearing
standard issue stable frock.  Sixth
plate tintype in half of a worn paper
and leather case.  A bright and clear

Ref. Douglas McChristian's book, The
U.S. Army In The West, Univ. Okla.
Press, 1995, page 73:  "During the
requisite morning and evening stable
duty, it ws impossible for a
cavalryman to groom his mount
without becoming covered with loose
hair and dust.  Therefore, it was
essential that the soldier be provided
with overalls to cover, or substitute
for, his uniform. ..

The frock was a simple, unlined coat
reaching to the knees.  It had a short
rollover collar and was closed with
three pressed-tin buttons spaced
equidistant from the neck to the

The illustration to the left is from
McChristian's book and is captioned,
"Stable frock as worn by cavalrymen
throughout the 1860's and 1870's."

The image for sale here is most
definitely taken during the American
Civil War.