Doc-003  Paden Tolbert.  Autographed
document signed.  Expense voucher,
Ft. Smith, AR, December 31, 1892.  
Scarcely more than a month after the
death of Ned Christie
Paden Tolbert is credited with the only use of a cannon against civilians by law enforcement
officers in history.  Tolbert headed up the posse that cornered Ned Christie in a mountain
stronghold.  After attempting to blast him out with a three pounder cannon, they finally
succeeded in blasting a hole in the walls with dynamite, resulting in the shooting death of
Christie.  Tolbert is also credited with introducing Alberta peaches to Clarksville Arkansas, for
which the town is still famous to this day.

8.5x14 packet of documents signed at least twice by Tolbert in ink                $85.00